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About The Guild 3

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The Guild 3 is an interesting exchange and life simulation that happens amid the late Middle Age. The game is the spin-off of the prominent The Guild series. Discover a dynasty and develop your fortune and influence in a medieval society.

Game Play

In The Guild 3 you make a family line which keeps going for quite a long time. As your general surroundings and your line improve itself over and over, all non-player figures settle on their own choices. You need to demonstrate your abilities in crafted works and exchanging, at social event lastly in governmental issues and in malevolent interests. Year of existence is 1400 AD and the location is central Europe. Experience life during the dull medieval times, once under the command of nobles and pastorate. That peiod closes and another period starts; the age of the free urban communities of exchanging and of the free personality.


· Many “Story Games” offering hours of game fun!

· Wonderful world that looks and feels invigorated, with day and night cycle and the four seasons Spring, Summer, Pre-winter and Winter, each with particular impacts to the world.

· Multiplayer encounters with up to 16 players without a moment’s delay!

· 12 novel situation maps that include at least one urban communities and their environment, in light of unique recorded areas in focal and northern Europe.

· Known and Mystery Social orders, e.g. the Freemasons and the Chemists Society! Go along with one of the social orders, bolster your colleagues and get upheld, access extraordinary forces of your general public and endeavor to shape your city and entire situation outline to your social orders logic!


The Guild 3 is a remarkable blend of financial recreation, technique game, authentic life reproduction and role taking game in 3D, a medieval soundtrack and an atmospheric voice recording.

Venture into the shoes of a national, gain organizations and houses, deliver merchandise and exchange them, begin interests in governmental issues and society, cherish, abhor, influence, battle and survive great and awful circumstances!