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About The Henry Stickmin Collection

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Innersloth developed while Puffballs published The Henry Stickmin Collection, which is a group of choose-your-own-path games. The collection includes the remastered version of the first five games in the series. Now, the series comes with a sixth game that serves as the finale to the Stickmin adventures.

In the games, you get to play the title character, Henry Stickmin, who starts off as a thief. Stickmin has to make some tough decisions along the way that determine how the game proceeds. The different games have multiple endings. Below is a highlight of the six series contained in The Henry Stickmin Collection.

Breaking the Bank

The series’ first game begins with Henry trying to rob the bank that sits in the middle of a desert. You have to attempt to break into a vault using various tools. It ends with his arrest.

Escaping the Prison

After the events of the last adventure, Henry finds himself at the West Mesa Penitentiary. He receives a package that contains several tools that he can use to break out of the prison. The game has 36 possible choices that you can make compared to the 6 in the previous one. Escaping the Prison is also Episode 1 in the series.

Stealing the Diamond

Episode 2 takes place sometime after Henry breaks out of prison. He is at home when he sees a news feature about an exhibit of the Tunisian Diamond at the National Museum of History and Culture. Henry decides to steal it to solve his financial problems. You have three different ways to acquire the diamond.

Infiltrating the Airship

Henry’s thieving skills catch the attention of the government who kidnap him after the events of the previous episode. They want him to help bring the elusive Toppat Clan to justice. However, he must first sneak into the Toppat Airship to find evidence.

Fleeing the Complex

In Episode 4, Henry ends up in a prison complex called The Wall after his capture. It houses the most dangerous criminals, and Henry must figure out a way to get out. You get 5 different endings.

Completing the Mission

The final episode in The Henry Stickmin Collection is slightly different from the rest. It has multiple endings. The way you start the game determines the story. You can choose to continue from the endings of the past two previous games. Here, Henry can choose to go on his own, work for the government or partner with the Toppat Clan. The game offers 15 different paths.