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About this game

The Legend of Bum-Bo is a puzzle-based game developed by Edmund McMillen and James Interactive. The game, composed by Ridiculon and released in November 2019, is played on the Windows platform.

What is special about the game?

The game is unique because it allows players to collect a vast multitude of items that can be modified, upgraded and mixed with others in several interesting ways. Besides, the Legend of Bum-Bo can be set up in easy and straightforward steps that entail matching tiles in a row for use in battle. To progress to the next level, a player must defeat the enemies of the dungeon.


As a player, you can take part as one of the numerous Bum-Bo with radically distinctive abilities. The play involves smashing, bashing and splashing your way as a Bum-Bo through several monsters, big bosses and shadowed personal instinctive motives. The creatures that you face take a dark turn as the game progresses. For example, at the low levels you face toilet humor, fighting flies and after progressing further you face creepy enemies.

The Bum-Bo ventures into the scary pursuit of a creature of obscure nature to recover his special coin. If you die in your quest to recover the stolen coin, you start from the beginning. The structure of the Legend of Bum-Bo is streamlined in a simple way that ensures you concentrate on the combat instead of flinging excrement at creepy creatures.


The Legend of Bum-Bo has more than a hundred items that can be upgraded and modified. Besides, it has animated scenes, great music, more than four playable characters and approximately 30 enemies.