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About The Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky

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The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky video is a role-playing game created by Nihon Falcom. Otherwise called Trails in the Sky First Chapter, the diversion is the first in a set of three, which likewise incorporates Trails in the Sky the third and trails in the Sky SC.


In Trails in the Sky, the player has total controls over a cast of characters, setting out on various journeys to advance the story. There is two diverse sort of maps while exploring in the overworld of the game: town maps and field maps.  In field maps, adversaries wander around and a fight follows if the player interacts with one. In town maps, the player can visit different shops to buy things, renew wellbeing at a hotel and, for the significant urban areas, go up against and report quests to the nearby organization. What’s more, the player can associate with various non-playable characters in the game; a novel perspective in Trails in the Sky is that every NPC’s discourse changes as the diversion progress, enabling the player to take after nearby stories that go with the NPCs all through the game.

Plot of the Game

The game happens in the Liberl Kingdom, 10 years in the wake of being attacked by the Erebonian Empire. It is represented by Queen Alicia. Right now, the kingdom flourishes off of high innovation which is looked at nearly by the encompassing countries.  The story starts with the primary hero, 11-year old Estelle Bright, sitting tight for her dad, Cassius, to return home. When he comes back, he brings back a young man by the name of Joshua. Cassius embraces the kid as his child, bringing up the two children. A long time later, now-16-year old Estelle and Joshua choose to emulate their dad’s example by getting to be bracers, individuals from an organization that handles odd employments to keep up the general peace. Before long, Cassius gets a letter, making him leave the place where he grew up in Rolent on business. Estelle and Joshua retrieve the mayor’s crystal that had been stolen by the sky bandits. When they get back to Rolent, they are informed they airship named Cassiuss that was expected to land never landed. Joshua and Estelle team up with Scherazard and head to Bose where the ship was originally heading. They learn that the sky bandits were behind the hijacking and fight begins to secure Cassiuss.