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The lord of the rings Gollum is an action-adventure game based on The Lord of The Rings. It was developed by Daedalic entertainment. Daedalic is a German studio with lots of experience in making point-and-click games. The game mostly draws from the books.

About the game

Since Tolkien does not tell Gollum’s story before he appears in the books, this game will give us a chance to experience that. With Gollum as the main character, the game mainly follows his story covering some important parts such as his time as a slave under the Dark Tower and his time with the Elves in Mirkwood. Parts of the game will help us understand his motives and how he was able to survive under the influence of Sauron’s ring.

The game is set to give a different view of the middle earth through Gollum. Gollums’s skills will be used to explore various locations such as Barad-dur tower, Mirkwood, and Cirith Ungol. Gollum’s dual personality, embodied by Gollum and Smeagol will play an interesting role in trying to make different decisions during the adventure.

Gollum’s character isn’t that of a fighter but one of a skilled, cunning, and agile character. With these traits, it is possible to eliminate enemies silently. However, this is challenging to pull off so players will want to hang in the shadow where it is safer.

Other characters to be featured in the game are King Thranduil and Nazgul. If you were ever curious about Gollum, this is a chance to peek into his experiences.