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About The Park

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The park is a single-player physiological horror game developed and published by Funcom. The first release of this game was on 27th October 2015. It is an exploration game based on storytelling. The game is set in a creepy amusement park hiding a dark and a sinister secret. It is an animation-themed walking simulator game. This game is categorized into the following genres; survival, 3D, horror, Action, and adventure.

How to play The Park game

The park is absolutely an amazing game. The game is a one hour to two hours experience of physiological horror. The game focuses on storytelling and exploration. The story is about a day you spent in the park, lost a teddy bear and your son is missing. As the sun sets, the player has to go searching for your son. In this game the son goes by the name Callum. Exploration through the Atlantic island induces an experience of panic as the darkness falls. The story is inspired by the modern day myths and mysteries MMO the secret world.During the game, the player explores the park while reading notes and interacting with specific items. The game has fourteen achievements you have to make to be a winner. In the fourteen, four are compulsory and cannot be missed. These are; shocking revelations, chad, family ties and the mist. Once you ride through all the achievements, without failure you are considered a winner. The achievement that most players find hard to make is the mist. The developers of this game are expected to make adjustments on this game pertaining the achievements to make them harder and more thrilling than just a normal horror cliché.

Review of The park game

The graphical design of the game is great and the sounds mash really well. The game begins on a low note where the player rides on rails which are quite slow. As the game progresses it gets more interesting but then you are only left with around ten or fifteen minutes to play. More creativity should be displayed in the updates for the game.