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THE QUIET MAN refers to a game designed to be played in two major parts, delivering an immersive story that seamlessly combines high-production live action and pulse-pounding gameplay. Unravelling in one night, the players take the leading role of Dane, a dead protagonist as she fights to find the reason behind the kidnapping of a singer by a strange masked man.

Set in present New York City using a film-noir connotation, the players will stroll the harsh streets of the city looking for the mysterious man behind the songstress’s kidnapping. Besides the chase against the strange masked man, the players will rise against a notorious gang and experience a battle between Dane and the masked man’s internal demon called “The Quiet Man”, the ultimate mystery in the entire story.


When in action, the play will not only control Dane but will also get a chance to experience the world in the same way as Dane. As a deaf character, the game’s audio landscape comprises of muffled and soundless audio, allowing the players to make their interpretations as the search for the mysterious masked man unfolds.

The gameplay

• The player will experience fast, adrenaline-fueled and visceral combat designed by Tatsuro Koike, popularly known for directing the action gameplay.
• Unleash a significant number of combat moves that range from the kick and punch combos, to throwing and grappling enemies.
• Give shocked opponents a severe beat down or bang into environment object so that you can set up violent attacks.
• You can defend yourself using split-second dodges which can result in counterattacks and close misses.