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About The Room VR A Dark Matter

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Designed for the unique capabilities of VR, The Room VR A Dark Matter is a simple playable tutorial, more of a puzzle video game, created by Fireproof Studios. In the Room series, this is the fifth installment. The staging of the game follows a Bloomsbury detective on investigations of the mysterious disappearance of Dr. Rupert Montgomery.

Set in London, 22nd October, 1908, the game shows in an exclusive virtual reality setting and is unfortunately not available on PC or mobile. Players get to access it on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Oculus Quest. The Room VR A Dark Matter is famed for its mystical, creepy and entrancing game world. For the new players, you can expect to immerse yourself in a mysterious yet thrilling atmosphere adorned with breathtaking contraptions to discover.

The game has a playtime of between 4 and 6 hours, featuring four chapters of puzzles and tutorials. This standalone VR game is purely designed for both new and returning players who delight in captivating visuals, figuring things out as well as strange machines.

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