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About this game

The Survios Collection is a sporty, action-packed, single-player and adventurous game developed and published by Survios. Its simulation and adrenaline make the game outstanding as the gamer has to pull through to survive.

All the games within this collection are award-winning as they define virtual reality gaming. Raw Data features science as a drive to modern warfare. It leaps into the future to give the gamer a glimpse of technology-driven lifestyle.

Spring Vector is a game show hosted by Mr. Entertainment. It offers a challenge to gamers who have to go through obstacles to conquer the challenge. The Naval combat Battlewake gives you the front row to futuristic warfare.

Electronauts is a musical video game that gives the player over 80 tracks and a charged crowd. Rise to Glory tosses you into boxing. You are Adonis Creed and must defend yourself against all opposition.