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About There Is No Game Wrong Dimension

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There is No Game Wrong Dimension game was created and published by a France-based company, Draw Me A Pixel. It is a comedy-mystery adventurous video game launched for Mac OS and Windows on 6th August 2020. It is a single-player video game influenced by writer Pascal Cammisotto’s earlier version titled “There is No Game.”

The Plot of the Video Game

After initiating the video game, The Game itself, through a commentary, attempts to deter and deliberately prevent the video gamer from playing. However, The Game does not specify the reasons. The moment the gamer overcomes the barriers established by The Game, after initiating the video game releases a dimensional rift and a software freak referred to as “Mr. Glitch.” He reveals his objective of executing some things to the universe. However, his intentions are not heard because of some external situations.

The video gamer and The Game are later taken through different games. Initially, they are transported into the game titled Day of the Tentacle and later into an adventure video game similar to The Legend of Zelda. As soon as the second game is over, Mr. Glitch emerges and confines The Game alongside the video gamer. He does this by modifying The Legend Of The Secret towards an annoying ad-controlled free to play video game full of loot boxes. After finishing this, the gamer and The Game are transferred into the end credits. Here, Mr. Glitch gets confined, and after freeing it, Mr. Glitch denounces The Game but unintentionally unleashes GiGi (Global Gameplay). GiGi was an associate to The Game and the key gameplay aspect, up to the moment the developer resolved to split them. In the absence of the gameplay, The Game is any longer a game, as suggested by the title. Without any alternative, the video gamer, GiGi, and The Game are transported to another portal once more to hunt Mr. Glitch.

The Development of the Video Game

Pascal Cammisotto intended to write a video game story whereby the gamer was tricked into thinking there was no game. The previous game, There Is No Game, trended in online platforms like YouTube, and its success prompted the developer to create it into a full adventure video game titled “There is No Game: Wrong Dimension.” The primary themes of the new video game were surprise and unexpectedness. He designed the game so that it takes the gamer captive and what takes place next was unpredictable.

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