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They Always Run is a game developed and published by Alawar Premium on 20th October 2021.

Since the empire’s collapse, criminality has overtaken the galaxy’s population. The ability to locate anyone at any time has become a prized capability.

Aidan is a tri-armed bounty hunter tasked with tracking down the galaxy’s most deadly and elusive cutthroats.

Some bounties come with cash, while others come with critical information that Aidan may use to track down the people who put him on this pathway, all while becoming engaged in a galactic conspiracy.

With three arms, you can deal with numerous foes at once and present a good argument in each fight. To make targeted assaults and throws, influence the environment, break obstacles, and wreck foes, employ your third arm.

Track down criminals across the galaxy’s outskirts remain of long-gone civilizations and core worlds. Upgrade your gear, learn new skills, become stronger, and smash anything that gets in your way.