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Thief Simulator is an exciting combination of elements of crime, adventure and simulator games. The immersive game was developed by GrabTheWallet and published by Stolen Dreams. In the game, the player assumes the role of a burglar who breaks into houses, steals items and sells them.

Game Play

The game starts off with the thief going on a surveillance mission to get intel about his target house. This is made possible through tools such as a camera that is fitted inside the mailbox of the target home. The information the thief gathers includes the daily schedule of the occupants of the house and the security systems of the house. Once this information is gathered, the player can then go ahead and execute the burglary.


The burglar carries a bag that has a hole at the bottom. This limits the items that the player can steal. This demands that the player makes some hard choices on which items they should steal within a short period of time. The burglar carries with him devices that can help him open the locks and a scanner that helps evaluate the value of the items that the burglar steals. As the burglar steals more items and sells them to passers-by, he is able to purchase even better and more sophisticated devices to aid in the burglary.

Increasing Difficulty

As the player steals from more houses, his burglary expertise increases but so does the police radar on him. This, therefore, makes each new mission harder than the previous one. To reduce the possibility of getting caught, the player can eliminate traces that can aid the police in catching him.

Technical Aspects and System Requirements

The game incorporates amazing graphics that detail the interior design of the houses the burglar breaks in. This is enhanced by game audios such as hearing footsteps of the owner approaching.

The game is recommended for use on a PC with Intel Core i7 and 8GB RAM. The game can, however, run on a PC with Intel Core i5 that has a RAM of at least 8GB.

Thief Simulator is a game that is ranked highly by gaming enthusiasts. If you haven’t tried it out, you shouldn’t be left behind by the bandwagon.