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This land is my land is an open-world, action stealth game developed by Game-Labs. Become a Native tribe leader on the front line of battle and repel the invasion of settlers. The game provides a massive open-world packed with hostile animals and humans. Learn to craft, hunt and survive as the decisions you make define your own narrative. Your task is to regain your land by uniting the tribes and leading them to victory against the settlers.


In the game, you need to take down enemy settlements, forts, camps and mines. If you can successfully clear the area of hostiles, the area is yours to settle in. Expanding your territories and bringing you closer to reclaiming your lands. Along the way you’ll find plenty of enemies, but also some players which you can trade and barter with to get important items.


Most combat operates using stealth tactics, but as chief, you decide how you engage the enemy. You can choose between a variety of weapons like rifles, pistols, bows and knifes, as well as intimidation and traps. Upgrade your skills to unlock more combat and crafting options, which will help you progress through the game. To get the tools needed to fight your enemy you will need to craft weapons made from the resources you gather.

Unique Pathways

Each decision you make will have consequences in the game. The locations will stay the same, but enemy camps, patrols and the rate you gain new warriors, will differ depending on your previous action. For gamers, this provides unique challenges and outcomes each time the game is played.

Landscape and Wildlife

This land is my land contains a range of interesting settings to play in with different habitats and resources, as you progress through the game. The location includes forests, maintains and other natural scenes, the ones you travel to will depend on the resources you need to find. Roaming the territories are wildlife like buffaloes, deer, wolves and bears. Hunting these animals, along with other animals, is vital for upgrades and improvements to your camp.