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About Timelie

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Developed in Bangkok Thailand by Urnique Studio with the help of an able creative director called Parimeth Wongsatayanon. Even before celebrating its first anniversary, you will agree that Timelie is an award-winning game that has attracted many online gaming lovers’ attention.


The game is all about a cat and a small girl who found themselves in the middle of nowhere. Throughout the game, they are trying to move out of this mysterious. The only thing which can help them is the ability to control time.


To know the truth, they need to go back in time to know where they used to at a particular time. That is why Timeline helps you shift from one time to another.

Why Timelie?

It gives you many adventures that you can only find in a single game, which gives a parallel planning system. With each level you complete, you will meet new challenges that will need your power to manipulate time.

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