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About Tinkertown

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Tinkertown is an indie adventure game that was developed and published by Headup. One can choose to play single mode or multiplayer mode with friends. The game has different version that you can choose, from playing against your enemies, exploring the magical world while raiding to building your own new world from scratch to your liking. A random name is assigned to your world but you can opt to change the name as the game progresses. You can share information about your world to your friends so that they can join you.

The game gives you the opportunity to create your own character when playing the single mode. As the game progresses you will unlock new resources to help you in building your world. The creatures are scattered around the place but you can also be find them in the dungeons which are marked with a skull at the entrance. In the dungeons you will also find some opponents to fight against. The game has exciting features as well as graphics that will help you as you explore to acquire resources either alone or with friends.