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TO THE TOP Developers

To The Top is a VR climbing game that allows the player to manoeuvre across various environments with superhuman powers. The game is developed and published by
Electric Hat Games LLC. It features 35 level and each with unique obstacles and challenges. These obstacles and challenges get tougher as one advances through the levels. The player can choose to compete for beat times or explore the distinct environment and the challenges they present.

To The Top Features

The platforming game is developed based on an analogy about future cities, where these cities embark on building superheroes to protect them. The superheroes are robotic creatures created by humans in the best interests of the cities. The player engages in the game as part of those involved in an academy to the training program. The player is engaged in the academy by being tested on their capabilities to develop and commission one of these superheroes.

Gaming Experience

The game’s developers have largely banked on the ability to move across the various environments.In consideration of the nature of the game, easy movement is paramount for the game to be intriguing. The games take advantage of the VR input allowances to not only provide an easy and fun movement system but also to create a phenomenal game-play experience in platforming games. The game features movement manoeuvres such as climbing, leaping, skating, flying and many more. The game requires a mastery of skill, critical thinking and strategy development. The combination of the distinct environments, the superheroes development and the movement manoeuvres create an epic gaming experience.