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Game Setting

Tooth and Tail is set during the times of severe food shortages. This results in uprising political parties all with varying ideologies when it comes to means of acquiring food.


The game is designed to be played with the use of gamepads and mouse and keyboard setups. There are single-player and multiplayer options. The single-player mode allows players to progress through various competitive levels with increasing difficulty. A player completes each level by meeting the basic objectives.  Multiplayer modes are accomplished through either ranked or unranked matchmaking. This mode allows up to four players at once, either as teams of twos or the last-man-standing challenge. Before Tooth and Tail game begins, players must choose commanders from four factions as well as draft six units from a pool of 20 to use during the game progress. Fifteen of the pool units are designated to be offencive and the remaining five defencive.

Real-Time Strategy

Players get to lead a revolution of paratrooper-puking owls, flamethrowing boars, and mustard gas-lobbing skunks. You should build an army base, lead the army as you attack and eat your enemies.  War for Meat – Longcoats, Commonfolk, Civilised and the KSR are caught in the midst of Civil war battling o who gets to eat and who gets to be the meat. The single-player campaign tells a humorous tale of revolution and riots.  Endless Replayability – there are several procedurally developed maps with customisable factions. Therefore, there are no two similar conflicts thus players ought to strategies, rather than memorise.  Pick-up and play – matches in the Tooth and Tail game last between 5 to 12 minutes. It can be controlled through the mouse, keyboard or gamepads.