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Developed by Creative Assembly and Feral Interactive, Total War Rome Remastered is an award-winning strategy game. As the name suggests, it has remastered its 4K visuals and refined its gameplay to take the classic look. For over 17 years, the Total War series has evolved and gets better every time. It is set in the early medieval times when Rome was in deep tactical battles. Feral Interactive, one of the developers, has done a perfect job uplifting the game and making it more suitable for modern devices and machines.

With Total War Rome Remastered, gamers can enjoy the chance to conquer Rome. Most of them have praised the developers for remastering the classic game so that it can be incorporated in the 21st century. It is a reflection of quality and care from each raised gladius and stray denarius in the game. While it is more difficult than the other Total War games, you can learn the hang of it after a few attempts. It is the contemporary Total War game.

Total War Rome Remastered Special Features

Creative Assembly and Feral Interactive have both ensured that you get the best gameplay. There are several new features that Total War fans can notice in the game. Here are some of them.

• Enhanced UHD resolution support
• The game has updated its 3D unit models and textures
• Players get widescreen and ultra-wide support
• Better battlefield and campaigning map
• Enhanced VFX and sound mix
• The developers have improved the graphics pack
• Improved gameplay
• Better cameras and controls
• More and better campaign map overlays
• A better tactical battle map
• Enhanced faction summary screens
• Better quick lists for players
• Over 16 additional playable factions
• Better cross-platform for multiplayer gaming
• Better diplomacy

There is so much that you get in the game. With a modernised screen flow and layout, any gamer with Total war insights can play the game. It has redesigned high-resolution buttons and icons so that you can get better support for colour blindness. Besides the thrill in the game and excellent graphics, players interact with other like-minded people in the multiplayer version.


Are you a fan of the Total War Rome game? Well, this is practically a restructured version that will excite you. Most players have likened it to seeing an old friend. It has more modern controls, compatibility for your workshops, more factions, high definition features, and an undeniable dose of nostalgia. It is a classic game crafted and restored with care and precision.