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SEGA’s Viking invasion of Britain game is yet to be released by the Creative Assembly sometime in April 2018. This organisation is known to release marvellous games, and this one is not going to be an exception.

The Plot

The setting is in 878 AD, where Alfred the Great, a king in England is troubled with battles and has risen a courageous fight at the Edington’s battle and repressed the Viking invasion. Humbled but not yet broken, the Norse bandit leaders have established their roots in Britain. In almost 80 years, the land is under threat of chaos for the first time. All through this troubled island, England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland kings determine that change is coming and thus, an opportune time. They will sign treaties, fight, fortunes will turn becoming the legend stuff and the greatest nations in history will rise. Kings will rise, but only one will rule.


Whenever a new Total War game gets released, players who make pre-orders get offered a bonus. This is meant as an appreciation for early adopters since they are very valued. If you are willing to make a digital pre-order of the total War Saga-Thrones of Britannia, you will benefit from a straight saving since you will get a 10% discount. Place your pre-order to a SEGA-approved retailer and enjoy the discount. Prepare to join the King of Wessex in the Edington’s battle as soon as this game arrives in April this year. If you prefer preorders, go ahead and make yours today. Creative Assembly has planned to donate 25% of their profits from each pre-order bought and activated on Steam before the game is launched to the UK’s War Child charity.

Limited Edition

This game will be available in a Limited Edition boxed format, which will be availed to specific territories by certain retailers. The edition comes in a raised design Steelbook, which got inspiration from the elaborately decorated Anglo Saxon armour of the period. Besides the game disks, the Limited Edition will have a two-sided poster that has a detailed campaign map and a number of art cards that can be collected. These cards are meant to celebrate five of the most popular in-game faction leaders.