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Total War is expected to delve deeper into its past than it has ever done before: The Total War Saga—Troy, which is expected to go back to the Bronze Age will pit Trojans, Greeks, and their allies against one another as they continue fighting over the indomitable city located far and beyond. It’s a game that has powerful heroes, monsters, and gods, but which is still very much grounded in history.

The game, which is expected to launch sometime this year (2020) was just recently announced by Sega and Creative Assembly. A specific launch date for the game is yet to be made public, as of now.

Creative Assembly Sofia| Who Are They?

Creative Assembly, the gaming company behind the numerous Total War series on the go has various teams located in the United Kingdom. This is in addition to a new studio recently commissioned in Bulgaria.

It’s a team that was previously referred to as the Crytek Black Sea before its acquisition by Sega Publishers in 2017. The team has been working on the Total War DLC since its acquisition and is now expected to release the Total War Saga: Troy.

The setting of the Total War Saga: Troy

A single long siege couldn’t fully make a good Total War game. Thankfully, Troy is expected to go beyond its predecessors. Its action will occur across Aegean. While the geographical area covered by the game is much smaller, its map can easily be compared to that of Rome 2, meaning that it’s set in a typical sandbox.

The sandbox setting implies that myths and history aren’t necessarily set in stone. The Lliad, the Homeric epic, acts as the primary source. Players can opt to follow the scripture path if they feel so inclined, which will see them setting a big army comprising of Achaeans or Greeks.

This army will then start to chase after Helen and Paris before finally taking over Troy. However, things could end up playing out much more differently depending on which faction you choose to select from the eight factions already available. If you opt to play for the other side, you could choose to steal Troy or even head to Greece by jumping into a boat before the enemies can set sail.