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About Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

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On 1 April 2019, TABS (Totally Accurate Battle Simulator), a ragdoll physics battle simulation game, entered early access on the digital distribution platform Steam. The game was developed as well as published by Landfall Games.

Ragdoll Physics

In video games, ragdoll physics is a kind of physics engine procedural animation usually used as a substitute for the usual static death animations. TABS has used modern physics-based simulation, which provides players with unique insight into the greatest battles of history.


Critics have referred Totally Accurate Battle Simulator as a goofy and vibrant take on chaotic combat with wonky body physics and silly graphics, which is believed to be some of the features that make a great realistic simulator. Additionally, this game has been described by many people as brilliant in its outstanding and simplicity.


Totally Accurate Battle Simulator was created during a game jam that lasts for days in a Swedish castle. In July 2016, Landfall released the download for players who registered on their site. In November 2016, the game was officially released in open alpha. In December 2016, it was released in closed alpha. On 1 April 2019, the full version of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator was then published in early access on the platform Steam for macOS and Microsoft Windows.

The Gameplay

In the game, you are presented with a variety of opposing soldiers of different unit type, and in turn, you have to place your own units on the opposite side of a field. When you hit start, both sides will begin to forward and start attacking each other. You can spectate the match by moving the camera in the game around the map.


When either side kills all the opposing soldiers, the match will end. The public alpha has a short twenty-level campaign, with various maps that have different opposing enemy soldiers. There is a set price limit for each level, but you can buy any amount of troops that you wish as long as you don’t go over the limit. Also, the game has a sandbox mode that comes with no price limits.