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Touhou Luna Nights is a 2D action and adventurous indie video game that revolves around a central female character called Sakayu. Touhou luna nights was released at the end of February 2019. It was developed by vaka game magazine team ladybug and published by vaka game magazine AGM PLAYISM .it is found in different languages like English, French, Japanese, and Korean and simplified Chinese. You do not need any background knowledge to play this game as touhou is unclear defence of explosion in this game. The character Sakuya is a maid for scarlet devil mansion.

How to play

The character of the shooting game is strategically positioned facing up so that she is able to shoot at anything that moves. She also has to be very clever and keen so as to duck the enemy bullets from getting her. She is well armed with knives with which she strikes to ensure she wins and gets back home through another castle full of hostiles. The castle she has to go through is full of ghosts, monster and other hostile entities but fighting the bosses at each end of a particular stage is the most challenging moment in her adventure. The most interesting parts are when she is able to shoot and destroy very powerful weapons like the massive rockets.

Unique features to help you play competitively

The game consists of unique features such as the gauge which helps to track the well-being of Sakayu as well as help in focusing. It also consists of spell cards such as the last spell card by which the player can help Sakaya by tackling the challenge so as she doesn’t die. The player can also use secondary bomb spell cards which can cause massive damage and lasts for a very long period as compared to a single spell card. Time is also another factor to consider as it directly affects the gameplay and it is tracked by the gauge.

Sakuya has the power to slow time; this will give her enough time to position herself in a safer place from where she will be able to shoot more knives at the enemy. Her ability to slow time also enable her to get extra moments in which she will be dealing with more complex enemy types and levels. Later levels may be complex due to obstacles like the waterfall which when frozen becomes solid and may be an advantage to Sakuya because she will be able to walk on solid ice. The more complex obstacles might not be controlled by the power to slow time hence makes it a puzzle to solve things.