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Train Sim World is a train simulation game developed by Dovetail Games. It was designed to give you the opportunity to explore immersive environments as a train driver. In the game, you can explore stations, freight yards and sidings in immersive First-Person. You also get the chance to climb aboard various famed electric and diesel traction from around the world.

All you want in this game is to feel the thrill. You get into the cab and take control of everyday behemoths that attract thousands of cargo and passengers from various cities. Currently, there is the Standard and Digital Deluxe edition.

What`s in the Standard Edition

This edition comes with tutorials for both beginners and experts. There are many challenging settings showcasing trains and their actual operations. The real-world operations are run under a perfect 24-hour service timetable. Additionally, there are plenty of miles of rail across iconic routs. The routes include the Northeast Corridor New York, Rapid Transit and Great Western Express.

The Digital Deluxe Edition

This edition offers you the CSX GP40-2 add-on which enriches the Northeast Corridor New York adventure. The edition`s CSX GP40-2 gives you a variety of freight locomotives that you can operate in Service Mode. Additionally, the add-on features Service Mode compatibility and scenarios for CSX Heavy Haul (available for PC only).

How to Buy Train Sim World

You can pick up the game on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC. Through the game’s developer website, you will need to choose your gaming platform first. After that, you select the edition you want and your preferred retailer.