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About Train Valley 2

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Flazm’s Train Valley 2 is a train simulation game which works through puzzle solving and strategy planning. Produced in house via Flazm’s headquarters in Vilnius, Lithuania, it is a sequel to the popular 2015 Train Valley, which itself followed a line of railroad strategy games beginning in 2008 with Railway Valley. Train Valley 2 has seen graphics and design changes offers its predecessors which include a more colourful and simplistic low poly design over the original game’s realistic rendering, as well as a more comprehensive musical soundtrack. Announced as far back as 2016, Train Valley 2 saw early access release on March 29, 2018.


The player takes on the role of a railway tycoon during the industrial revolution, solving puzzles to build a complex and efficient train network. Throughout the game users have the chance to upgrade their railway technologies in both track and transport, to link up ever expanding networks of travel and to upgrade stations and buildings for more traffic. Unlike the first game in the series, Train Valley 2 puts a lot of focus on the train stations and their ability to receive materials needed for upgrades.

As such, players must organise consistent deliveries into their stations to level up. Trains are upgraded throughout the gameplay at different levels. Increasing a level with allow for more material to be transported at a quicker speed. In terms of levelling, the user works their way up a five-star rating system which can be accomplished by following tasks and objectives.