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Tropico 6 is a simulation video game developed by Limbic Entertainment. Released in 2018, Tropico 6 allows the player to role play as a powerful politician named “El Presidente”, who rules a fictional Caribbean island nation during the Cold War era. The game mixes humor with political intrigue while addressing such important topics as totalitarianism and election fraud.

What Is The Game’s Main Goal?

The main goal of the game is to help the character El Presidente remain in power. This is a challenge since there are many threats to the leader’s rule. The people who live on the island can choose to vote the leader out of power if they are unhappy with his actions, at which point, El Presidente must decide if he wants to be a democratic ruler or a dictator who seizes power. There are also various factions and rebel forces that will try to challenge El Presidente’s rule as well as the threat of a coup d’état from his army.

What Is The Game Play Like?

The game is set on a large archipelago of islands, which is a different setting from other games in the Tropico series. El Presidente must successfully manage several islands at once. In this role, you can build up your nation by constructing bridges and transporting your citizens around in taxis and buses. You can also choose to send out agents to raid foreign lands and collect valuable objects.

What New Features Does Tropico 6 Offer?

Tropico 6 allows you to customize your palace and add in new extras. It also features an updated research system with a range of political information. Players can also make election speeches to the people of the country.