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About UpGun

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UpGun is a first shooter game where players take a robot avatar to fight against opponents robots in various scenes. Players have to speed against time and get the first shot at opponent robots to win. The game awards points to players based on the types and quality of their shots. This game was developed and released by Max Estla.

Players can also choose from over 50 skills to enhance their capabilities on the battlefield. Popular skills include the ability to target opponents accurately from a long distance, better armour against opponents’ firepower, orthe ability to teleport to enemy locations. There are also weapon upgrades to enhance the firepower and beat stronger opponents.

Some sceneries where players meet opponents include abandoned garages, wastelands, high-rise buildings, industrial parks, barns and city streets. The game allows players to customize their robots with various dress codes. They can also collect cosmetics such as hats, sunglasses and jackets. The game also has maps to help in combat planning and potting the enemies.