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About this game

It is a tactical RPG game set in a fantasy world. David Kaleta developed and published an ancient themed game to exhibit a warrior like survival tactics. The gamer has to recruit followers, pick anything along the way and do whatever it takes to stay alive. It also involved strategic positioning and incorporated Early Access in its resolutions.

The combat-based RPG system in an ancient setting creates an epic feeling to stir up the game. Multiple environmental graphics set on a large area creates recess points and tactically enriches the plot. The gamer has to rely on the dead soldier’s weapons for strength and ability. For successful combat, use the high cliffs, counter attacks or utilise the combo attacks.

The game runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. It uses up 600 MB of space with a 2 GB RAM and a 2.0 processor.

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