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About this game

Vault of the Void is an early access, single-player roguelite, and strategy game developed and published by Spider Nest Games. It is a non-deckbuilder card game consisting of a 20-card deck, which can be swapped in and out of the backpack and deck between fights. The object of the game is to fight and defeat monsters using cards of different strengths. The player has to understand the nature of the opponent to choose the right card for a successful encounter.

Unlike deck-builder card games, Vault of the Void allows you to customize the deck for new encounters and anticipated challenges. The abilities of a card can be enhanced by upgrading it or adjusting the stone in the void-stone slot. Depending on the color and innate abilities of the void-stone, the card acquires a new effect as you play. This allows you to tune the cards for blocking, buffing, cycling, and other effects depending on your strategy. The vault presents you with a tough decision on which cards to retain or discard to have the maximum energy for the fight. You succeed by avoiding potential damages.