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About this game

The We Happy Few game was developed as a tale of a plucky bunch of terrible people who escape from a cheerful delusion. It was set in a retro-futuristic of an alternative history of England, and hence it is an obligation, you’ll have to blend with the ordinary citizens. This game was developed by Compulsion games in 2016. However, it was published by Gearbox Publishing for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

We Happy Few Experience

When this game is played, it combines light roguelike, role-playing and survival aspects. It has been set in the mid-60s as a replica version of the World War II where players take the prime control of three characters. The characters aim at completing personal tasks as they struggle to escape from a fictional City-Wellington Wells. This city is on the verge of collapsing due to increased use of hallucinogenic drugs which keep its citizens unaware about the real world while on the other hand, it leaves them under the manipulation of an immoral city.

The game is created as a story of compelling narratives and has a sense of paranoia. It consists of in-built decisions for the wrong areas which affect the more substantial part of the game. Moreover, the British culture dramatically dominates in this game which seeks inspiration from dystopian societies which were as an influence on media such as the Brave New World.

How is the Game Played?

When the game is played from a single-player mode, the players usually control one character out of three. There are three different acts where each act has its abilities and their reasons for escaping the Wellington Wells village. Arthur Hastings is a character who is good at crafting weapons. Sally Boyle is also good at sneaking as well as making chemical concoctions while Starkey is a melee fighter who can create powerful explosions.
All through the game, a player can collect items, drinks, food as well as melee weapons. Some of the items collected such as healing sleeves are used in medicine. The food is also used for nourishment which also improves the attributes of characters. On the contrary, hunger can negatively affect the characteristics.