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About Webbed

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Webbed is developed and published by DBug games. A quirky single-player action animation game in which you get your dream of being a spider. Ideal for younger players, this is an educational game in which you as the spider, go on an adventure to save your mate from a monster bird. You use your webs, which you spin along the way, to get you to your destination and help you. You meet and make new friends along the way as you tackle problems and puzzles that you find.

The game is funny as well as adventurous, and the spider may do some unusual things for a spider such as using lazers from its eyes.

It’s a short game full of curious explorations and quirky music and antics, never boring, ideal to keep young people occupied and amused as well as learning some useful physics.A positive game for younger gamers and even older gamers who want some amusement.