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Wingspan is an opportunistic, medium complexity, card-focused, engine-confecting board game. The game is designed by the renowned Elizabeth Hargrave in collaboration with StoneMaier Games. In 2019 the game’s accurate portrayal of bird habitats and artwork made it the recipient of the reputable Kennerspiel des Jahres’ award. Over 170 birds illustrated by Ana Maria Martinez and Natalia Rojas are featured within the game.

The game is intended for 1 to 5 players who are bird enthusiasts. They entail bird watchers, researchers, ornithologists, and collectors. You each intend to find and allure the finest birds to your wildlife preserves network. Each playable bird protracts a string of influential connections in either of your habitats(actions). The habitats have a focus on numerous crucial growth aspects:

  • Food token gain in a birdfeeder tower using custom dice.
  • Lay various colored eggs by using egg miniatures.
  • Play by drawing from hundreds of distinctive bird cards.

The winner is normally the person with more points after round 4 than the rest.