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Wizard of Legend is simple, action-packed make on wizardry that underlines exact developments and the savvy combo of spells in a maverick like a prison crawler that highlights over a hundred exceptional spells and relics that was developed by Contingent99.  Wizard of Legend is a quickly paced 2D cell crawler where you expect the part of a powerful wizard in his mission for notoriety and brilliance! Consolidate capable spells and speedy reflexes to end up a Wizard of Legend!


Fight your way through each test by vanquishing intense invoked adversaries! Gather essential spells and relics and develop your mysterious arms stockpile to fit your playstyle! Accomplish authority over enchantment by fastening spells together to make wrecking mixes! Face and thrashing gathering individuals in the mystical battle to end up a Wizard of Legend!

More About The Game

Contingent99 drops you straight into its diversion’s universe in a way very few other cell creeping titles regularly would. With no conventional narrating techniques or instructional exercise framework set up, the wannabe saint you control in Wizard of Legend begins at the first strides of the anecdotal historical centre of Lanova.  It’s at this area you are educated about the historical backdrop of the wizard world and powerful otherworldly basic spells known as ‘arcana,’ as you penetrate your way through different intelligent displays inside the exhibition hall. You will figure out how to perform spells while tuning in to cutting-edge show guides talk about the historical backdrop of the disorder trials.


Wizard of Legend game has some novel ideas. Having the capacity to swap and blend spells to make a large measure of mixes keeps the activity crisp and urges you to probe each run. What’s additionally amiable about this amusement is the way cleaned the whole bundle has all the earmarks of being. It’s these viewpoints that make it more favourable than the regular contributions that every now and again fly up on the Switch. On the off chance that you are searching for yet another cell crawler with a maverick.