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After the success of the World of Craft Burning Crusade, Blizzard Entertainment commissioned the Burning Crusade Classic. The game is one of the Warcraft multiplayer series that opens up to the underworld dealings. Azeroth heroes plan to defend Outland and drive out the regrouping invaders. Beyond the Dark Portal lies the key to a harmonious Azeroth, only if its heroes mount a spirited defence. The game paints an epic story around the Wars of the World era and how survivors manoeuvred and defended their territories.

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The Game’s Plot


Azeroth Heroes from the previous Warcraft’s Burning Crusade series repelled tyrants who ravaged their town. From Nefarian to Onyxia and Hakkar. Others include Ahn’Qiraj. C’Thun’s and Kel’Thuzad. However, this was not the last of them. Azeroth inhabitants still have to wade off more sophisticated enemies who have supernatural powers.

The Burning Crusade Classic

The game is more intense since invaders are more determined to disrupt the Azeroth tranquillity. Developers introduce new realms, and if you follow the World of Warcraft series, you have to create a pathway for the character. Gamers can either stay in Azeroth and defend it or proceed to Outland and liberate its inhabitants.

Classic Era Realms – Stay on Azeroth and Defend It
The player can still explore the Azeroth tranquillity and defend it against any external aggression. It comes out just before they move out of Azeroth. Gamers can move their favourite characters to the Era realm free of charge.

Classic Progression Realms – Classic Progression Realms
Characters and content in this version are regularly updated when they come out. All classic realms will move into the progression realm automatically.

Making the World of Warcraft Burning Crusade Classic Experience Better

  • The Dark Portal Pass allows the gamer to upgrade one character to the Burning Crusade Realm up to Level 58. The upgrade comes with some assorted weaponry for the course ahead.
  • Deluxe edition upgrades all gaming features available to the Dark Portal Pass. It also features to make the experience even easier.