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World war z is a thrilling game that portrays the end of the world. The game includes a horde of zombies that attack human beings mercilessly. The zombies attack and spread the apocalypse across the world from Moscow, New York to Jerusalem. During this time, a group of people combines forces on each city to ensure the humanity does not end. Despite the struggle to save humanity from the brink of extinction, the apocalypse continues to spread like fire.

What Involves In the Game

World war z is a multiplayer game that involves four players who join forces with friends to beat the apocalypse. The players play simultaneously across the world to survive the infestation. They defend themselves by unloading deadly weapons on the zombies. There is the use of machine guns, grenade, traps, and barbed wires among other weapons that can kill the deadly zombies. Aside from that, the survivors use all sorts of barriers to keep the zombie from gaining access to their campsites. The thrill of cheating death is what keeps the players alive and moving. The last man who survives the apocalypse without being infested is the winner.

Who Created The World War Z Game?

The fast-paced game was established by Saber Interactive. It was further published by Focus Home Interactive. The theme of the story is based on a blockbuster 2013 film World War Z. The game is yet to be released this year on 16th April. The thrilling game is set on three countries that include the New York City, Moscow, and Jerusalem.

More on the Game

The long-awaited electronic game includes several levels of players that include the medics, gunslinger, hell raiser, slasher, terminator, and fixer. Once you choose the level that matches your interest, you get to use your own style of tactics to defeat the swarm of zombies.

On the other side, the zombies behave like one entity. To some extent, they behave like a real crowd. They climb on top of each other in narrow corridors or doorways to attack players on the high-level ground.