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In the early years of the Tang dynasty, a form of chess was played in China. The name of this game was Wulin chess. The game was quite popular in that period, and one of the earliest surviving Chinese chess books was written by a woman. The game of Wulin chess is quite complicated. It is considered to be a microcosm of the whole chess world. The rules and strategies in this game are almost identical to those in standard chess. The only difference is that there are more pieces on the board.

The Wulin chess game has a total of 13 pieces. These 13 pieces are the king, the queen, the rook, the bishop, the knight, the pawn, and the eight minor pieces. Each piece has its particular role, and the way they are arranged on the board is the key to victory. The game is played on a chessboard with the following additional pieces: the pawns, the rooks, and the bishops. The chessboard is also known as the chessboard of the Wulin chess. The Chinese in AD 576 started it.

The king is the most important piece in Wulin’s chess. It is the most important piece because it has a strategic position on the board. The king has a range of movement of three steps forward, one step backward, and two steps sideways. His opponents cannot capture the king, but many of his pieces can capture it.

The queen is the second most important piece in Wulin’s chess. It is a very strong piece capable of capturing all other pieces on the board except for the king, which any other piece cannot capture. It also protects the king from being attacked by enemy pieces, and its capture by enemy pieces causes no harm to the king because it does not capture him but moves him one step back from where he was before he was captured.