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About this game

WWE 2K19 is part of the critically acclaimed Wrestling Video Game series developed by Yuke’s Visual Concepts and release by 2K sports. WWE 2K19 is scheduled to be released worldwide in 2018 on October the 9th. The game will be available on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation consoles.


In WWE 2K19, gamers play as Daniel Bryan in the campaign, focusing on his career in the WWE universe. Players can control a number of different models of Daniel Bryan and wrestle in 11 matches to complete the campaign.

Throughout the campaign, players can unlock cutscenes that help recreate the exciting campaign of Daniel Bryan and his most historical matches. Also, as players progress, they continue to unlock special areas, championship belts, Superstars and attires. Also, 2K plans to bring back some of the most anticipated gameplay styles. The gameplay experience will be more similar to older WWE games with classic game modes and play styles.


In addition to the campaign, WWE 2K19 also has an online mode called MyPlayer Towers. In this game mode, players can wrestle other people online or offline. One special game mode in MyPlayer Towers is “the Million Dollar Challenge”, a survival match with no regeneration of health. Also, the online mode has Daily and Weekly challenged to help increase the player’s levels.


WWE 2K19 was first announced at the 2K press conference on June 15, 2018. Closer to final release, 2K also plans to hold another event in which they showcase the game while it is playable. The final game will be released in October of 2018.