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About this game

X4: Split Vendetta is an action space game. Egosoft developed and published this new chapter in the X4 in March 2020: Foundations story. X4: Split Vendetta is the first full-fledged expansion of the game.

With this new expansion, players get to capitalise on several new features that promise endless adventures. X4: Split Vendetta increases the universe with two new family clans. The new addition means new station modules, ships and weapons. You get to retrofit ships with engines, weapons and other components to help with your missions. The game also has an expanded economy and, consequently, more diplomatic missions than before. Players get to enjoy improved action with the new Split weapon technology. You can choose to trade or fight with the Split families. Players who prefer varied gamestarts have new starting positions in the expansion. X4: Split Vendetta has new modules that allow you to create great designs. It also comes with a fresh storyline that captivates from the get-go.

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