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About this game
XCOM 2: War of the Chosen is a DLC addon to Xcom 2 by Firaxis and 2K publishing is a turn based science fiction strategy game where you fight to free earth from the clutches of an evil alien empire.

The Story

The ADVENT have struck and overtaken the earth, extending a hand of friendship to hide their ulterior motives. You are a commander in charge of the the resistance, leading daring attacks on ADVENT assets to hinder their progress and uncover their secrets. In War of the Chosen, you are not alone. Locate and recruit members from three other resistance factions each with powerful skills and strengths. Beware, however, of the ADVENT’s chosen. These are powerful heroes of the alien forces that will recur through out the campaign and change the dynamic of the battlefield, making difficult missions incredibly challenging. Beside these enemies, there are hoards of Lost are un-dead menaces wandering and attacking targets of opportunity. No one said freeing earth would be easy!

Game Mechanics

Xcom 2 makes use of base building and missions in order to progress through the game. Build and upgrade your flying fortress with new technology in order to recruit more soldiers and better equip them for the missions ahead. Turn based combat makes you think out every move and gives you expansive kits of skills to use to destroy your enemies. Train soldiers in one of four classes plus recruit from three rebel factions for a diverse team composition ready to take on any alien menace. Play through the normal difficulty to hone your skills and then challenge the grueling legendary mode where the difficulty settings go off the charts. This game is not for the meek.

A Great Strategy Game

Xcom 2 is an award winning strategy game series and Xcom 2: war of the chosen, while DLC for the main title, has enough content to be a stand alone title. Build your base, train your soldiers and uncover the ADVENT’s darkest secrets on your way to ridding the earth of them once and for all!