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Developed by Firaxis Games and published by 2K games as part of the XCOM series, XCOM Chirema squad is a combat game deriving experiences from the previous franchise, where humans and aliens live alongside each other. This takes place after a five-year event of XCOM 2: War of the Chosen.

During the Gameplay, you control a mixed squad of both humans and alien Special Forces soldiers. The main mission to complete will be maintaining the peace that is on the brink of collapse in City 31. As an experimental site, the city has both humans and aliens co-existing. This makes it special and gains the attention of the Special Forces.

The basic tactical concepts

As much as the game follows the simple elements of XCOM series games, it introduces new tactical concepts helping to accelerate the pace in Gameplay. In the beginning of a new mission, there is a planning stage called the “breach mode”. In this phase, you can position the tactical units at specific points to allow easy access in combat area. Check out some of the listed concepts which makes the game special.

  • You have control of eleven characters both human and alien who form the Chimera squad. Each of the characters has a unique ability installed from the previous franchise.
  • A two-part game tactical combat and management of squad non-combat activities (strategy layer; upgrade the soldiers, assigning members to investigations
  • Each mission has an inclusive of separate combat sections.
  • You can down any character during combat and choose another one to stabilize them.

Considering the previous XCOM series, the players have the option of enabling “ironman mode”. This concept limits them from a single save slot and engages a Permadeath. This aspect of the game comes when the player character loses their health and therefore, they die and cannot be used again.

In a nutshell

In order to understand what happens in this game, you first need an idea of the previous franchise XCOM2; war of the chosen. A special force defeats ADVENT(alien led government) that ruled over 20 years on earth following an invasion.

Now in the new series, City 31 is under attack where the mayor lost his life due to a terrorist attack, The Chimera squad then tasked to find the culprit responsible for these atrocities. In the precedence of these investigations, the squad encounters criminal factions including progeny. This is a doomsday cult with psionic powers and a grey phoenix.

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