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About this game


Ylands is a player-friendly sandbox unique game that allows a player to explore his or her creativity. It is in development by a video game development publisher and studio called Bohemia Interactive and was announced in November 2017 on Bohemia Interactive’s website. The steam version was released in December 2017 after its announcement in March the same year while the full version will be released in Summer 2018.


Ylands is described as not only an adventure game but also a platform where players are allowed to build simple scenarios or sophisticated game modes. It gives players more fun and freedom while creating and modifying the countryside. Players are free to create their own characters and define how they want the environment to be ranging from a climate like a winter or a summer, terrains, and resources.
The built-in editor gives the player freedom to choose what scenarios they like to play such as; Wild West, Medieval Europe, and other areas. Therefore the game does not limit the player to certain things making it fun to play Ylands. Also, the editor enables the player to share his or her adventures and levels with friends.
The player can explore Ylands alone or with friends. Players can climb mountains, sail to other Ylands or gather resources. The player can switch between player modes while still exploring the Ylands and it also has a first and third-person viewpoint. Players can engage in nowadays ongoing activities such as mining, horse or car racing, building, engaging in battle and taking castles under siege.