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About this game

Yokai’s Secret is a decrypt game developed by Double W and published by Toffee Café. The story is set around the “Country of Yamato” which was once colorful, magical, full of cherry blossoms and sexy Yokai ecchi girls who lived in surreal peace with human beings.

The game, however, starts when the Yokai Girls have begun rioting resulting in many humans losing their trace of life and the once colorful “Country of Yamato “to lose its color. The mission of the player in this game is to save the Yokai Girls and bring back color to the “Country of Yamato.”

How to Play the Game

Yokai’s Secret , which is a color puzzle game with explicit content, begins when the world has lost its color. You (the player) are then tasked with a mission of fighting and hopefully defeating the Yokai, a race of animal girls, and restore the color in the world.

The game has four chapters, each chapter having five stages for a total of seventy stages. Your goal is to arrange the color tiles in the stages on a grid in a specific way to form a pattern such that each adjacent tile changes in tone. You are also supposed to make the overall grid resemble a color palette that slowly shifts in color from one end of the grid to another.

If you manage to place the tiles in the correct positions, the game rewards you with a sparkle. Additionally, to help you, there is a thrusty cat companion, Neko, who you can summon by pressing “s” and a magnifying glass power that instantly unlocks a random tile in the right position.

Once you successfully complete a chapter, a sex scene is unlocked in the gallery. In the sex scene, an extremely erotic Yokai girl in a sexy pose will be shown to you. You can do nothing much with this girl since she is somehow clothed, but once you finish the game and match all the puzzles, you will have full access to the complete sex scene.

Mature Content Description

The developers of Yokai’s Secret have a clear disclaimer that states that the game may contain explicit content not suitable for viewers under 18. Also, they specify that the characters in the game are all above 18 years old.

To enjoy the game’s fully explicit content, make sure that you install the Yokai’s Secret- Free 18+ Content that the developers provide in a free uncensored patch on the DLC page.

Features in the Game

Yokai’s Secret has color blocks with color arrangements puzzles that if you move correctly, you will reveal the truth behind the riots.

It also has 14 Yokai girls with different characters and exciting personality voices that will make playing the game worth your while. Moreover, these Yokai Girls have multiple interactions because of the live 2D technology in the game.

System Requirements

To play the game, you will need to have a 32/64-bit operating system, an Intel Core i5 processor, a 4 GB RAM, NVIDIA Gef Graphics card, and 1GB available space.

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