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About this game

Bangladeshi developers have for the first time entered the global video game industry with a tactical multiplayer shooter, Zero Hour. Developed and published by M7 Productions, Attrito, this tactical FPS is a team-based action game set in different locations in Bangladesh.

About the Game

In this game, players are expected to complete their objectives by wiping out the other team. The defenders’ duty is to ensure that the bomb does not defuse and the hostages do not escape or be rescued. Ideally, the game is more of a slow-paced tactical 5v5 shooter that introduces a CO-OP, as well as, a team vs team experience.

As a player, decide if you want to be in the side of terrorists or the MS Unit-9. While the attackers get ready for the fight with lethal weapons, a 3D planning table and shields, the terrorists will deploy gadgets to keep the area fortified and set traps. Zero Hour requires players to have artful retaliation, damage tolerance, proper planning and other factors that will help the team to win.