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About this game

Ziggurat 2 is a fun-filled and action-packed first-person shooting game from the team at Milkstone Studios. The game focuses on continual movement while players battle against enemies that lurk in the shadows.

This is a first-person shooting game where players use a variety of spells and weapons to battle against many enemies that lurk in the game’s dungeons. The various dungeons in Ziggurat 2 are generated on a random basis. They contain plenty of dangers as well as plenty of rewards for the players that are brave enough to enter them. Players of Ziggarut 2 get to follow a mission-based game that involves following a map. They also get to pick up coins along the way that allow for the upgrade of characters and weapons. The players who take on this fast-paced game will get to utilize their reflexes and their ability to manage resources as they work to survive against the evil creatures that they will battle against.