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The Beyond Good and Evil 2 is an adventure, action genre video game. The game’s developer is Ubisoft Montpellier and its publisher is Ubisoft. The game is a spinoff to the Beyond Good and Evil 2003 version. The setting of the game is in a free environment with a third person player perspective. The events in the game occur a few generations before the Beyond Good and Evil events. The Beyond Good and Evil 2 has a traditional element of role-playing in comparison to its earlier version.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Gameplay

The game allows players to generate characters who start the game. The generation of characters, either female or male is found at the bottom of the games social system. The game requires players to complete several tasks, which will enable them to improve the attributes of their characters.
Players also get to visit various planets, which have different societies. By completing the planets tasks as well, players receive new technology and other objects that will enable them to improve their ship.
The Beyond Good and Evil 2 offers the option for a single player or multiple players. Players get to share the games experience in several events and compete for advancements in individual levels as well.


The game’s first notable feature is the ability of characters in the game to explore the galaxy. Characters in the game can fly the available spaceship horizontally from one planet to another. The spacecraft allows players to visit different locales and worlds in the game.Players also acquire the privilege to customise their characters depending on what they prefer. It does not matter the gender of the character. When it comes to character, players get to experience everything their character experiences as well. For players to overcome the various hurdles in the game, assembling a team is crucial. The game allows players to choose a wide variety of characters to join their team. The teams players gather help them fight the various foes they encounter along the way.
Finally, the Beyond Good and Evil 2 allows you to play along with friends through online co-operation systems.