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Far Cry New Dawn is a new game that was released in 2019 February, developed and published by Ubisoft Montreal. It is an interesting game that is about the global nuclear that lead to a fight, but the survivors try to secure their resources from the highwaymen. The game is offered in many languages like France Spanish German Italian and in English.

The game is played online with a single player. Far Cry New Dawn runs smoothly when it is supported by a controller which links it to the third party. This game is bought with a low price but it is a good game worth playing.


Many years after the nuclear tragedy in Montana, there was a post-apocalyptic in a place called Hope Country? The people around join the survivors of the global nuclear calamity to fight the Highwaymen who were a threat to the people. The highwaymen were being led by their leaders that were brutal and their aim was to take any remaining resources.


In this game one tries to survive after the calamity that happened. One has to defend his or herself, one takes the tools on their own or partner up with a friend and they fight their enemies in a world that is changed and one’s survival is unpredictable.

The player has to make sure the defence is strong by getting choppers and extensive guns that form a tough extension on the sides that makes the player sturdy. This enables one to fight the Highwaymen together with their forerunner The Twin. One strikes all the new antiheros and they become weak.

After fighting the villains’ ones build a home with the other survivors. One gets more recruits that are well trained to make a good defence around the home. The specialized recruits improve the survivors’ home base and help them to reveal the secrets their enemies use in weapons, gears and their other features. The survivors get all the secrets used by the Highwaymen then they fight them to secure the remaining resources in Hope Country and other places