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Watch Dogs Legion Resistant Of London is an action/adventure game developed by Tronto Studio and published by Ubisoft.

The game is the third in the watchdogs series, following its previous version, watch dogs 2. It is set in a fictional version of dystopian London, whereby a hacker group called DedSec sets out to clear their names as they are framed for a series of bombings. The player is put through a series of missions aimed at liberating the group and the city’s people from a private military company, which turned the city of London into a surveillance state following the bombings.

As a player, you get to take the roles of multiple characters, choose missions, explore the city, and uncover many of its collectibles and secrets. You can either choose an open-combat approach where you fight using weapons or the hacking approach where you can use hacking strategies to get over enemies using distractions and traps. You also get to choose between a selection of firearms and various hand-to-hand combat skills, which players find exhilarating and adventurous.

The game also includes multiplayer options, which let multiple players team-up and explore London together as they complete various missions.