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This has to be my worst experience with any kind of transaction. I have already had a conversation with their ‘chat’ function and have been soundly refused a refund. I came across their site when wanting to buy a CD-Key at a modest discount. It was referred to them from a CD-Key site and I bought the product, only to find out it was a separate account, not a key.

I did not log onto the account, but immediately raised this with Sylvain who has refused point blank to refund the untouched account. This is incredibly poor business practice and it seems I’m not the only person to be duped into this website. Avoid like the plague, there are many other options out there and the few pence you will save by shopping here will just give you hassle you can do without.

I’m pretty sure they are not on a good legal foundation to refuse a refund, based on what they are selling which is an account, so if you don’t log in, you haven’t actually received the item and the consumer rights give you a 14 day cooling off period. I am sickened that these kind of companies are not shut down by their practices. Hopefully you will all take note and run the other way.

Completely disgusting.

SCAM, be careful. The site charges different prices from those it exposes, acting as scam trying also to deny any company contact to whom forward formal complaint.

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