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Let’s go. I was buying a game from from the TRUSTED merchant. I understand how it works, they are acctualy proxy on the transaction, I woludnt even wrote this post if they werent TRUSTED’s Gamivo.
PrixeAxe partner 20 000 POSITIVE COMMENTS, 10 Negative, bullsheet. Be prepared u get invalid code. One word, INCOMPETENCE.
I was playing with wrong programmed system and INCOMPETENCE support like whole day.
Just nasty players.

These guys sold me a Shadowlands code, 2 days later the code got deactivated. Contacted support to find out these guys sold me a code that was purchased using a stolen credit card. Then when I tried to get a refund they tell me i have to wait for the vendor to “investigate” so now i won’t have Shadowlands when it drops… Super Mad.

Extremely poor customer service! Please be aware of this!

I bought a Drift21 key from there store, tried to activate it on Steam, but steam gave an error saying that this key had already been used on a different account. So i made a ticket.

I even bought there special customer protection program, but still… Its been 30+ hours since, and still not solved.

Please be aware! Dont buy from Gamivo! You Will regret it!

TicketID: 392700

I bought two games from Gamivo, and they turned out to be pretty good at a very decent price. Later, however, I was billed for a Gamivo “subscription” to which I had not given my consent. I opened a support ticket with them, and they answered by trying to persuade me that their “subscription” service was awesome. Never got a refund.

Hello, i bought a key for my son and i purchased a key here. I got the key and he could play the game in 30 minutes or so, thanks! Watch out for the pre-selected subscription, i saw it the last second.

I got the key, had to wait 60 minutes, but totally worth the price in the end.

Purchase went well, only the price was a little more because of a fee, still cheapest.

On all the checkout pages the subscription of Gamivo Smart ($1.99+VAT charged monthly) is pre-selected, and is located in a box that does not highlight it adequately, appearing as a normal page footer. This is obviously a choice to mislead the user, avoiding to draw attention to an option that should be disabled by default. Customer service is very careless towards the customer. Avoid at all costs.

Bought a key from them. contacted right away explained it is a duplicate (used) key. Sent in all required screenshots on steam account. (a LOT)
now they refuse to take care of the issue. I’ve been trying each day. and day after day they say no, they trust their source and not the customers.
a claim has been sent thru PayPal.

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