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This company was formerly known as Good Old Games, which is the store to look out for when searching for games that were popular in the 1990s up to early 2000s like Alone in the Dark and Baldur’s Gate. Although the company is known for titles relating to the past, their outlook is very progressive, especially considering how they deliver the content. For example, none of their games comes with restrictive digital rights management. These two features have seen this company continue to thrive in a video game distribution space that has always been dominated by Steam, which also distributes the same.

The Dawn of Time

GOG.com has made its name with an old video games selection for the past twenty years. Although most games from those days have ceased to run on Windows XP and the newer versions, GOG.com games still do. This is because they deliver them in DOSBox format, which makes it possible for the games to run on most gaming computers like Linux and Mac. This goes to show that GOG.com is striving to preserve video games.

To download these games, you can do so directly from their website or opt for the optional GOG Galaxy desktop client. After submitting your application, you can back up all your purchases and deactivate or activate auto-updates, among other things. You can also downgrade GOG Galaxy to an earlier version if you prefer that. This is great in case a faulty version is released to the public, and you may want to avoid it.

Just remember that, apart from Hotline Miami, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Rogue Legacy among other titles, you will only find games that are more than 5 years old on their site. If you are looking for newer games, look somewhere else.

The GOG.com Experience

GOG.com’s prices are very pocket-friendly as everything costs $9.99 and below. The only three games they have that costs more than $10 are The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Planescape: Torment and Neverwinter Nights II: Complete. Also, like any other video games provider, they have great seasonal sales that allow you get more games for less.

GOG.com has also reinforced a Fair Price Practice for all games that are priced higher overseas than they actually do in the United States. This way, international gamers get to pay equal amounts for the titles as those in America. The company uses the extra cost by giving international buyers the cash difference as store credit.

Since most of their games were created way before Steam, Xbox Live and PSN when TCP/IP was input manually to deathmatch over dial-up, you might find their services less exciting especially if you love having a multiplayer experience. They don’t have any online multiplayer modes. The good thing about them, however, is that their games always come with bonuses that include wallpapers, scanned manuals and soundtracks. You can even chat with your friends via their instant messaging client desktop app. Their support is also very fast.

Their store pages have everything you need for buying the games like screenshots, user reviews, minimum required PC hardware specs and recommendations. Although they don’t have a robust game-discovery system, they have exciting user-made lists known as GOGmixes.

GOG.com has coupon codes that let customers get discounts whenever buying their games and users should keep a look-out for such. What is your experience with their services? Give your reviews of GOG.com and let them know what to improve. Customer’s feedback is always appreciated.


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