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Green Man Gaming, launched eight years ago, is an international business at the centre of the gaming industry. The store offers its global customer base a huge range of video games at competitive prices, together with news and reviews through its online community area. Its expert publishing team, Green Man Gaming Publishing, assists development studios in marketing and selling their games. It also partners with Lenovo through the Lenovo Entertainment Hub, and with Intel through their software distribution hub.

It’s no wonder that Green Man Gaming is recognised as an important global technology company by leading voices in the gaming and technology industries. It has received a host of awards and accolades including London Stock Exchange Group’s 1000 Companies to Inspire 2017 list and The Sunday Times 2016 Tech Track 100 of the UK’s fastest growing companies.

Catering for a worldwide market accepts a wide range of payment methods, including Visa credit / debit / prepaid card, Mastercard credit / debit / prepaid card, American Express, Paypal, SofortBanking, PaysafeCard (which does not accept refunds), UnionPay (which does not accept refunds), Alipay and ChinaUnionpay. Please note that not all payment methods will be available in every region and banks may apply extra charges. shows prices in different currencies according to the customer’s geographical location. It supports UK pounds (GBP), Euros (EUR), Russian Rubles (RUB), Indian Rupees (INR), Argentinian Peso (ARS), Brazilian Reals (BRL), Chilean Peso (CLP), Chinese Yuan (CNY), Columbian Peso (COP), South Korean Won (KRW), Mexican Peso (MXN), Malaysian Ringit (MYR), Peruvian Sol (PEN), Philippine Peso (PHP), Turkish Lira (TRY) or US Dollars (USD), but not New Zealand Dollars (NZD), Australian Dollars (AUD) or Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Important information: delivery and support

Game keys are available immediately (unless a customer purchases a game that has not yet been released: pre-ordered game keys will be delivered on the day that the game is released unless otherwise specified). Game keys can be viewed in the customer’s online account and will also be sent by email.

An impressive amount of support is available on, with FAQs covering topics including user accounts, games, promotions and payments. For general queries or specific requests, customers can send a message to the support team via the Help & Support section of the website. Green Man Gaming can also be contacted by telephone and through social media.

The Newsroom and Blog are fantastic resources for gamers keen to stay up-to-date with the latest releases and trends. With new must-read content uploaded daily and an extensive archive of articles, this is your one-stop shop for gaming news and information.

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